Santa Barbara

Left Behind – Pelican Story

Left Behind – Pelican It was no concern to me that this image did not make it into a recent juried show. More important is the personal significance of this image because of my remembrance of this morning. After limited low tides in the dawn, we were finally able to sneak around the point corner […]

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The Life of a Tire

I don’t know why this tire has intrigued me, but it has. I first noticed the tire it several weeks ago after our super king tide and storm surge at the beginning of the year. That is when it first appeared on the beach where I typically walk. This month, a pretty strong storm decided

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Going Outside My Comfort Zone – Gallery Show at Westmont College

Going Outside My Comfort Zone – Gallery Show at Westmont College I take thousands of images but not so much sharing. The past year has been a learning curve “roller coaster” with many struggles taking images, printing and photo editing. After much hesitation, a lot of self-talk and encouragement from others, I finally gained the

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Minimalism Reset

OK… After binge watching YouTube videos for a few weeks now, it’s time for me to stop watching and get to work! True confessions – I am a natural born minimalist. Most likely my largest minimal project was when I sold my big home in the midwest, donated most all of my belonging – including

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A New Dawn

Such a beautiful morning and the beginning of a new fresh start This photo was taken near the end of the year. For some reason this morning felt different than past mornings for several months. I felt very calm… I had no real agenda today during my daily walk on the beach. Even though a

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Bye Bye Beach Oil

For the past few weeks, I’ve been watching the progress as the Curtin barge and crew have made progress towards cleaning up and capping the Treadwell and Northstar oil wells on the coast near Summerland. Although I’m not typically a person who watches ship activity, this was different. It gave me such a respect for

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Happy Earth Day!

This day lets me reflect on why I love to get out and enjoy quiet places … especially at the beginning of the day. Today – and this point in time gives us opportunity to slow down, and appreciate the simple things and how our awesome planet gives us hope for the future. I am

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