My Focus

Welcome to this website! 

My hope is to share a little bit about me, my journey in photography, and to post some visual content of our beautiful world. I have always enjoyed creating… but not as good as sharing my art. I have always preferred visual communication more so than verbal. I am a self taught photographer who has re-visited this media after a long sabbatical. I love seascapes, anything water, and open spaces and often create a soft, painterly effect.

Drawing, taking photos and explore outside and being active were part of my childhood years. Writing and verbal communication was not my strength. So it was logical that my creativity and “words” could come from the lens of a camera.  My first serious camera was purchased in my early 20’s – a 35mm Minolta SLR. I enjoyed using that camera for many years. Then … life happened and the Minolta was left on the shelf. 

The last decade of my life brought a big shift and change. After a long interlude of family, jobs, a business, and overbooked schedules, my life transitioned. I sold my home, closed my business doors, started virtual work, and bought my first serious digital camera from the home sale. Then, I followed my dream and moved to the west coast. That was the beginning of my new chapter of photography… and I have not turned back!

I have taken volumes of photos, but have limited my sharing. So… the objective of this website is to help me commit to sharing the joy and the beauty of our precious earth with you through my photography. I will take you through my learning pains, successes, my favorites and mistake. I want to share my journey of learning – a constant project!