Favorite Organizations

Small steps can make a difference in what our future planet will be. There are many good people on this earth helping make a difference through various organizations, May I suggest a few?

Berkey Water Filters – A Must have for everyone! My “To Go Berkey is my constant companion when I’m out on a travel photography trip. At home, Big Berkey sits on my kitchen counter. Since it is gravity filled, it does not rely on electricity or outside maintenance. The water quality results cleans out bacteria, chemicals, and other toxins. I pack it in my suitcase when I travel to be assured of having clean water wherever I go. It became my constant companion a few years ago with multiple evacuations for debris flows and fires. As a functional nutritionist and science instructor, I researched thoroughly before deciding on Berkey. Contact me and I can help you choose the right size and type for you. Here is a page link with my favorites.

Nature First – The alliance for responsible nature photography. I’m dedicated to follow the Nature First Principles. Whether I take a long adventure to some distance place or just stroll down a local beach, I am always amazed at the special feeling I get form getting out in nature and observing the landscape, seascape and the surrounding plants and animal that coexist on this planet. Unfortunately, I have also seen littering and disrespect for these sacred spaces. Every place has it’s on special beauty – from California and the west, through the Kansas high plains, to eastern seaside ….and beyond America’s borders to all over the globe.

Gaviota Coast Conservancy – I love this area and want to help protect this special ecosystem. The Gaviota Coast is a special minimally developed area of the California Coast sandwiched between Santa Barbara on the east and Point Conception on the west. This south facing section of the California flanked by Mountains on the north allows the area to have a more Mediterranean environment than the coast north of Point Conception. If we protect this land from over development, we are also keeping a diverse and rare environmental ecosystem intact and ability to thrive – unlike any other on our earth. It is a place that is meant for us to appreciate and not lose. I wrote about one of my many hikes on the Gaviota Coast here. Find out more about the work at the Gaviota Coast Conservancy here.


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