A New Dawn

Such a beautiful morning and the beginning of a new fresh start

This photo was taken near the end of the year. For some reason this morning felt different than past mornings for several months. I felt very calm… I had no real agenda today during my daily walk on the beach. Even though a sore muscle was bothersome, I still wanted to explore – just wanted to go… not to photograph but to appreciate the morning. The air was cold with a few bits of rain dropping from the sky. I could see the beginning clouds forming and the breaking of wave surges caused by the ever growing wind. It was not too long before the dawn colors started appearing on the horizon. Even though I saw my friend, the blue heron, I opted not to take his picture. Instead, I continued past and walked east toward a familiar landmark of predominant rocks. I knew I could not past this point due to the higher tides. As I was planning to walk back toward my car, I noticed that the blue heron walking toward the rocks in the back-lit sunrise. I could not resist! As he continued to “pose” I continued to take multiple pictures – many which were “keepers”. The above photo was my favorite showing big bird kissing the rocks at the same time that the sun was showing off it’s first rays. Here’s to new beginnings 🙂

Happy New Year!