This Year’s Video Challenge – Time to Fly

At the end of each year, I go through the past images to review, condense, and go over what I have in my files. I try to gather a collection of those images that best interpret my year. Due to unforeseen weather patterns, beach access to certain areas was different than expected, as was my focus. I was focused more on all the storms, high tides and the change in the beach debris and the rock formations. Although I wanted to create more long exposures, I seemed distracted by the patterns and movements of the shorebirds and sea life. Storms brought waves and debris… but also followed by beautiful cloud patterns and lush water to feed the shorebirds.

I was more productive than I originally thought. Most images are local – with a few distant pics thrown into the mix. My too long delay between this slide show and last year’s video content meant that I had lost many skills on how to process in this format. A note to myself … practice more often to keep skills fresh!

This year has taught me to enjoy every moment as change is constant! And that it’s okay to share my creative photo art with others.

The final video is below and also on YouTube @sallyjberry805

Peace 🙂