Bye Bye Beach Oil

For the past few weeks, I’ve been watching the progress as the Curtin barge and crew have made progress towards cleaning up and capping the Treadwell and Northstar oil wells on the coast near Summerland. Although I’m not typically a person who watches ship activity, this was different. It gave me such a respect for the grueling work and the benefits for all of us. Each day, I watched the progress – but I suspect all the other sea life was also watching from a safe distance 🙂 I could see the daily decrease of the tar debris on the beach. Such a joyful site and significant change. On Monday, I saw the final touches of the task right before the barge slowly made its way back down the coast. The crew continued as a few birds friends kept watch on the progress.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this beach cleaner and safer for birds, sea life, and all of us!