Going Outside My Comfort Zone – Gallery Show at Westmont College

Going Outside My Comfort Zone – Gallery Show at Westmont College

I take thousands of images but not so much sharing. The past year has been a learning curve “roller coaster” with many struggles taking images, printing and photo editing. After much hesitation, a lot of self-talk and encouragement from others, I finally gained the courage to submitted some prints to a couple gallery shows. This month, two of my prints were accepted into a show at Westmont College in Montecito California called “UNCANNY”. 

Gallery show date: May 15- June 15 2022

Where: Westmont College – Ridley-Tree Museum of Art

Museum hours: Weekdays 10am – 4pm / Saturday 11am- 5pm

Here are the stories behind the prints ….

“Golden Path”  – was taken during one of my early morning walks at a favorite beach. It was at this beach that I regained my strength of the uncertain times and Covid closures by daily alone time on this beach at predawn. Each day was different… changing tides, changing winds, changing weather resulted in different images of the same location. When venturing out in the pre-dawn darkness, I never knew what would be in front of me. “Golden path” morning  was a rare low-tide day when I was able to hike beyond the point further east. As I turned the corner at the point, The bluffs revealed the oncoming light from the sunrise. The tide pools left behind revealed colorful reflections, almost magical. I decided to slow down, use a tripod and create a longer shutter speed capture. Although many photos were taken this day, This one spoke to me, possibly due to the reflections and usual morning light.

My second image, Moody Blues, was composed from a place that I see most afternoons. I call these rocks that move in and out of the water with the tide my “favorite rocks”. On some occasions, they can jut out looking like an alligator. Other times, they can be “harry” from the seagrass. This photo was created one morning looking straight on to the row of rocks into the ocean peering out towards the Channel Islands. This is a place that I love to stop and take a moment just to watch the tide come over the rocks and meditate. I have many different variations of this same set of rocks. All are unique and different depending on their “mood” … and mine.